Sand Lake Estates Inc. is a cottage association that
was formed in the 1960s and incorporated in 1972. it is located on the west
side of Sand Lake(near Davis Lock) in the ward of South Crosby, Township of
Rideau Lakes.


It has a fixed membership(47 property owners), comprising
those who live on lands that were developed in the mid-1960s by the Opinicon
Properties Company. The surrounding lands and access roads are owned by the
association. The association is a member of FOCA and also participates in the
Cataraqui Region Lakes Stewards Network. The membership is made up of 15%
permanent residents, 40% from the Ottawa area, 9% from the Toronto area, 2%
from Kingston, 17% from the rest of Canada and 15% from the U.S.


Membership for the most part go towards raod maintenance of
the access roads and property taxes on the common lands. Issues tackled by the
association typically include:


-Road Maintenance      

-Property Assessment and Taxes  

-Lake Water Quality        

-Bass Poaching      

-Municipal Services

The AGM is held on the Sunday Morning of the July 1 long

The association participates in the Ontario Ministry of the
Environments Lake Partner Program, the volunteer Lake Steward taking weekly
water clarity and temperature readings of the lake. The association also
participates in the Cataraqui Lake Stewards Network, a forum for discussing
various lake related issues. In addition, several individuals in the
Association maintain loon nesting platforms , helping to ensure a healthy
population of loons on Sand Lake.

            Sand Lake Estates is proud to be affiliated with OWA as we strive to utilize best

practices in managing our woodlands:

Sand Lake Estates is a Member of FOCA, an important voice for Ontario’s lakefront landowners: